The Old barn in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

The Old barn in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho
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I have a great Interest in Photography, I love reading and learning, I enjoy many different ways of expressing my talents in art. I Like culinary food art, carving fruit and vegetables and catering parties. I like drawing and water coloring as well. Other activities I enjoy are dancing, golfing, racquetball and bowling. However, my favorite things to do is travel, eating out and taking pictures along the way. I am a member of the Nevada camera club. It is one of the best ways of learning Photography because you get to learn will doing. I learn so much from the other members, their classes and field trips. What pushes me the most is their competitions. I am currently learning photo shop on my computer, That might take me a few years though.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lights in motion

My Friend JarieLyn And I went to the Silverton Hotel parking garage, to take pictures of the Carnival. We ended up taking most of them of the Farris wheel. We really lucked out because they had fire works too.

A few days before we went to another parking garage and took pictures of the cars coming up the ramp. I wont disclose the Hotel because we got kicked out. We were told we couldn't take pictures of their Hotel or hang out in their garage. But we already had a lot of pictures so we left.  No problem.
This last one is a neet trick .  You stop the car and every thing else is moiving.

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Anita Robbins said...

Lovin the photos! the trails of lights are amazing effects

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