The Old barn in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

The Old barn in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out

This FMTSO  is on Graffiti around your town Suggested by Ginger V.
All these pictures where taken on 9-2-10

I left for work a little early today in search of graffiti, I came across only one along the way. It took me so long to find that one, that I had to call in to work to tell them I'd be a few minutes late.  When I got to work I showed them the picture. I told them what I was doing for this FMTSO and they told me to go down town to the Art district After work, so I did and I found some really great Graffiti.
This is the frist photo I took.

 This was fun, I enjoyed having to go search for these pictures. I hope you enjoy them too.
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Ann said...

I presume your artist have permission to paint yours. Indeed they are beautiful. But if it is done without permission, no matter how beautiful is still wrong.

Thanks for visiting.

NanU said...

It can be amazing what the artists will do when given the time to. I hate tags of some jerk's initials or name, but these really are works of art. Better than a lot of the crap one sees in galleries!

daylily (Queenmothermamaw) said...

That is amazing. I looked everywhere and I mean everywhere and found nothing. Not even a few squirts and initials.LOL But, I did post a message.

Bagman and Butler said...

Incredible!!! And in addition to the great pictures, I love the fact you were late for work. I'll bet that was the first time they had heard the excuse, "Sorry I'm late for work but I was shooting graffiti."

In the eye of the beholder said...

The Artist are allowed to paint in this area, so it's cool. and It was funny! Being late because your out shooting graffiti is not a good excuse. But in my case I think it was.

kate said...

Those are awesome! I love the one with Elvis :) We have an artist who does something similar around KC - he covers the random tagged areas with actual art done with spray paint and they're incredible! Great pictures!

SOL said...

These are amazing. You really found the artistic side of the graffiti genre!

Kerry said...

I'm going to see what happens when I come in to work a bit late today, only I'll have to say "I'm late b/c I was looking at graffiti online." Now THAT is a lame excuse.
You found some terrific examples of graffiti! Good for you.

~JarieLyn~ said...

I sure am glad I looked at your blog before posting my photos because I have the same exact photos. I especially like the Frakenstein series. But alas, I did not post the same ones.

Great shots, by the way.

Jama said...

Amazing piece of artwork! I presume the artist get an approval before doing this?

Redlan said...

I like the second photo very much. So colorful!

Sarah said...

Now there is some cool!!!!

Doreen said...

wow! some talent there. actually, some are very nice. great shoot out!

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