The Old barn in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

The Old barn in Coeur D' Alene, Idaho
Welcome to my blog, this picture is my frist blue ribbon.

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I have a great Interest in Photography, I love reading and learning, I enjoy many different ways of expressing my talents in art. I Like culinary food art, carving fruit and vegetables and catering parties. I like drawing and water coloring as well. Other activities I enjoy are dancing, golfing, racquetball and bowling. However, my favorite things to do is travel, eating out and taking pictures along the way. I am a member of the Nevada camera club. It is one of the best ways of learning Photography because you get to learn will doing. I learn so much from the other members, their classes and field trips. What pushes me the most is their competitions. I am currently learning photo shop on my computer, That might take me a few years though.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm ready to go?

I'm going on another adventure in my journey though life, First I get to visit my Son, sweet Wife and my first Grandson. Also a lot of other family that live near by them. Then I travel on to visit with my Brother and Sister who live in the another state. And at last I'll go though couple more states to visit my oldest Daughter while she's has her first child, She's expecting a boy. I'm so very excited to have another Grandchild. I just wished they didn't live so far away, I'd like to see them all more often. All though I do love to travel. I'll get to take a great deal more Interesting Pictures. I'm traveling home a different route, so along the way I'll see even more family and different states to take pictures of.

What can be more fun? Well I'll tell you. I get to share the whole experience with my youngest Daughter, will be traveling together taking turns driving. Always better to have company with you to keep you awake and entertained. Don't you think? I can hardly wait to begin. My biggest fear is the baby will be late and I've made the journey to soon. My second fear is She'll have him before I arrive. I'm sharing all this with you, because I plan on posting Photos of are travels along the way.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out is On Feet and Shoes

 These children were models for for us at a field trip for NCC club. Looking at just their feet is really cute and tells a story of it's own. Like let's play ball.

I was at a store this week with my little camera and decided to take pictures of the shoes I want to try on for the FSO. Then I came home and  played with the images in photoshop. I just got photo shop and have been trying to learn how to use it, it's not easy but it's fun. 

This photo is of Jarielyn and my feet can you Guess whose is whose?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby fever

This might be a little strange but, I really think I have baby fever. What I mean by that is,  I look at any babies including baby animals and I just want to hold them. I think it's the Mother in me. Missing my own grown Children,  I'm going through the empty nest syndrome. Not only that, I've got a Grand Child I hardly get to see and one on the way who will live even further than the first.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out "Transitions"

I saw this old bench in a town called Nelson, NV.. It was a Place where all you could see is antiques. Very cool place. When I saw this bench it reminded me of the bench I had at home. I couldn't help but think about the history my bench has, I could only Imagine the past this one had. How many places it has traveled or how many owners it mite of had. Where had it sat the longest. The bigest question was how many people sat on it and enjoyed the comfort of sitting there looking at that special place they placed it.

This is the bench that sits out in front of my yard. I got it twenty years ago for Mothers day. I lived in Oregon at the time and it has traveled  to Colorado and Nevada where it sits now. If it could talk it could tell you lots of stories of my Children growing up and all the guests who came to visit us along the way. My life has been very interesting but to here it come from the prospect of this bench would be really amazing. I have refinish it twice and as you can see it needs it again, but it's still sturdy and I have no plans on getting ride of it any to soon. It has way to much sentimental value.

Busy as a bee

I'm actually very frightened by bees,  But this one is very nice to look at. I took this picture while thinking I really hope it doesn't get mad at me. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is a photo of Jarielyn and I, we like to play golf with are Husbands. That's how we started hanging out, maybe going out to dinner once in awhile with them. Our men work at the same Company. We had a great rapport right away, we have a lot similar interests,  Around November 2009, She ask me If I'd like to join Nevada camera club with her. I did and It has been one of the greatest opportunities I have experienced. For a lot of reasons, It's has took me on a journey of learning and experiencing things I honestly only dreamed some day I would achieve. At a whole lot faster pace then I thought possible.  I have met such wonderful people, that are willing to help and explain things in away I could understand, with lots of patience. Of course I still have so much to learn, at times it's overwhelming. Just the terms and descriptions in Photography are pretty intimidating. Learning all the tools you need to know and have is an on going process.  But I have to say It's been a great deal of fun along the way, especially sharing the experience with Jarielyn.   She has inspired me to new heights beyond some of my own expections. And now I just what to learn, see and do more.   Whats great is through this blog you'll get to experience it with me. At this time I just want to express to you that I have one of the most wonderful friends a person can ask for. Thank you for being my friend Jarielyn, your awesome!

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July

 The Celebration of Independce, always has has so much meaning behind it.

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